This work is starting to become a search for an alternative mapping of experiences that is not following a linear or factional time-experience but rather a poetic one, embracing the importance of the relation between presence and absence, gaps and voids to bring resonance and movement into the things that remain and are built upon.


In time several attempts to open up this search to an audience took various shapes, keeping the different media used more or less separate.

 In the most recent stage, they are thrown together and the aim of the work became finding a form for a trip through this personal memory, while at the same time offering the spectator a chance for following a navigation that is based on own experience of memory.


What you can find on this page is a selection of elements that are used in the making of the constantly meandering work.

SONGS (for Mnemosyne) is an ongoing solo-project that came into existence out of the act of composing a personal archive. Moving and still imagery (and the use of the negatives, scans, manual and digital prints) texts, recordings, ... arose out of a personal need to react on/grasp a reality that is constantly rock chasing on.


It researches the power of images shot by chance in combination with intuitive links to written and read texts, captured sounds and patches of homemade music to reach a way of storytelling that soaks itself off of clear subjects and contexts (in time and in space) in order to research the way memory works: jumping from the one ‘hit’ spot to the other.


Rather than one story it consists of several manifestations that only are able to exist by the resonance in/of the others.  This search for narration starting from a ‘faced reality’, could lie at the bottom of how memory, in some kind of existential despair, incessantly tries to make sense of things. This in order to make the presence of a poetic memory live- and manageable and above all, significant.